Chand Sifarish

Exposed By: Mira on 15/03/2020

Copied By: Jatin Lalit

Original By: Miami Band

Copied Song

Original Song

Chand Sifarish Al Samra Wa Al Baidha
Movie: Fanna Album: Miami 2000
Released: 2006 Released: 2000
Language: Hindi Language: Arabic


Original Artist

Jatin Lalit Miami Band
Country: India Country: Kuwait
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18/03/2022 17:19 India

The original song is Elsemrah Wo Elbedha. It is not the whole song; it is actually a tricky one. There is a pretty cool guitar piece on which 'Chand Sifarish' is based. It comes at about 0:30 seconds :). Here is a short preview. Https://music.Apple.Com/us/album/elsemrah-wo-elbedha/1139334717?i=1139334866